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The Fallser Podcast:
A Microdose of Music + Purpose

Welcome to our new bite-sized podcast where artists with upcoming Fallser Club performances answer under 5 questions about their music, passions, and life experiences that shaped their artistry! 

Jill Sobule – 05/31/2024

In this  epsiode of the Fallser Podcast, our executive director, Ashana Larsen speaks with singer-songwriter Jill Sobule about her her amazing career, changing the world, losing things, and gaining ourselves.

Check out this link to get tickets to see her perform with Ciara Grace.

Sean Hennessey – 05/03/2024

In this episode of the Fallser Club podcast, we hear from Sean Hennessey, lead singer of the band Hennessey Bonfire about his perspectives on rhythm, fatherhood, and the balance of life. 

Check out this link to get tickets to see him perform with the 100th generation Kora master, Youba Cissokho!

Christopher Morse – 04/25/2024

Just wrapped up my 4th podcast for The Fallser Club with singer songwriter Christopher Morse from Colorado. He is a delight! We talked about Jersey roots, touring as a choir boy, the challenges and excitement of planning his current summer tour, and the importance of mental health. For a snippet of one of his songs go to 13:20.

Come out to The Fallser Club April 25th at 7:30pm to hear him in person along with the talented Jason Ager and Tyler Asay

Gina Kaz – 04/21/2024

In this episode of the Fallser Club podcast, Ashana talks with artists Gina Kaz about awakening, motherhood, giving and receiving the gift of music, and her new album release!

Michele Peraino – 04/19/2024

Michele: Jump Blues Swizzled in Horny Swing, with Dash of Cabaret Jazz extravaganza!!

Grab your dancing shoes and meet us at The Fallser Club on Friday for Swing that Cat. I know, it’s not Friday yet so meanwhile, listen to Michele talk about her music, art, and why living your best life matters.

Every Heard – 03/26/2024

In this first epsiode of the Fallser <5 podcast, our executive director Ashana Larsen speaks with singer-songwriter Every Heard about her mental health journey, cultural background, and artistic inspiration.

Check out this link to get tickets to see her perform with fellow artists Sarah Madden and Hannah Bug!